Stellenbosch University informs court that they oppose the language application

Stellenbosch University and Gelyke Kanse wants be part of Free State University language policy case
February 24, 2017

According to an article on Netwerk24, Stellenbosch University filed a notice with the High Court in Cape Town on Tuesday afternoon to oppose the application to review its language policy.

Gelyke Kanse submitted an application to the High Court on the 30th of September to review the language policy of Stellenbosch University. The university had to file their notice on October 7 but asked for postponement and again for a second adjournment on 14 October. The university filed his notice on Tuesday.

Spokesman of Stellenbosch University, Martin Viljoen, said that since Gelyke Kanse submitted his application, the executive committees of Stellenbosch University’s board and senate met to make a formal decision on the application.The rest of the court documents will be submitted to court at a later stage.

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Image credit: Netwerk24