Our Fee Structure

Our Fees Structure

First Consultation – Fees and Structure

Our first consultation is R 500. During the initial consultation we will determine the nature of the work to be done, see whether we can help you and, if so, at what cost and then agree on future fees.

Satisfaction Assurance

We promise to give you an honest and frank assessment of your case, and to define the scope of our mandate with you. We also offer alternative billing arrangements such as ‘value billing’ where our fees are based upon the value of the work performed rather than the number of hours worked.

Important Downloads

Click here to download our Fee Agreement, as well as important FICA documents and questionnaires.

At Attorneys West & Rossouw, we are more than happy to accommodate you by accepting reasonable monthly instalments as agreed with us. Our fees are exclusive of VAT and do not include disbursements that we lay out on your behalf, such as Advocate and Sheriff fees, where applicable.

We would require you to sign our standard fee agreement so that the scope of the work, the method of calculating the fee and the payment terms are in writing and signed by you.
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