Language policy: Stellenbosch wants more time to submit court documents

Gelyke Kanse initiative builds momentum
February 24, 2017
Afrikaans: Another four court cases to come
February 24, 2017

According to an article on Netwerk24, Gelyke Kanse did not agree to a third delay after Stellenbosch University approached them on Wednesday, 21 December 2016. This, after the university’s lawyers asked Gelyke Kanse in an email on 20 December to agree to another delay.

“Despite Stellenbosch University’s legal team’s best efforts thus far, we don’t think that the requested court documents will be ready on 23 December,” said Lorinda van Niekerk, the university’s lawyer in an email. The application was submitted to the High Court in Cape Town by Gelyke Kanse on 30 September 2016 asking for the current Stellenbosch University’s language policy to be reviewed.

Danie Rossouw, Gelyke Kanse lawyer, said that if the US didn’t submit the requested documents by Friday, 23 December, they would have to ask the court to delay the case. “It is notable that the Stellenbosch University apparently doesn’t apply the same diligence to defend itself in court that it had when it approved it’s unfair and wrongful language policy,” says Rossouw.

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