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“Never allow a good crisis to go to waste” – that much 2020 with its Covid-19 pandemic and Nationwide Lockdown has taught us. Amid the changes worldwide in how business is done and state of the art technology available, Attorneys West & Rossouw Inc is expanding aggressively. We are looking to appoint experienced, high calibre attorneys with an established client base or young, dynamic attorneys with the potential to develop a client base. We offer a unique working environment which allows our attorneys the flexibility to establish their own balance between work and family and still enjoy the same levels of support and professionalism usually offered by medium and large sized conventional law firms.

Our attorneys work from a home office or other premises remote from our head office. They do not need to travel to work but have access to workstations and meeting rooms, should it be convenient to work from either of our offices from time to time. They work at their own pace, according to their own schedule, and have access to all of the facilities and resources offered by the Attorneys West & Rossouw Inc head office in Noordhoek and its office in Simon’s Town with facilities being made available elsewhere on a case-by-case basis.

We are not prescriptive with our attorneys in terms of targets or fee rates. Our attorneys set their own targets and establish their own hourly fee rate. They work to their own schedule and earnings depending upon their own input. Our attorneys receive between 55% and 75% of all recovered fees written plus internal referral commission for all other work brought to the firm. Should you be appointed as an attorney with the firm, our IT expert will arrange a remote session to connect you to our cloud servers and software packages. You will receive an AWR e-mail address, a profile on our website, electronic business card and you will have access to other on-line products. Your clients will receive invitations to participate in regularly organised promotional activities. We also have a PR professional on retainer permanently to assist in developing the public profile of the firm and its attorneys.

Our accounts department will take care of invoicing, collections, client account queries and the distribution of fees collected. We manage the trust account and all deposits into and payments from it. We take care of the annual trust audit, BEE accreditation (we are presently a level 1 contributor) and maintain professional indemnity insurance. We provide messenger assistance, service requirements, branded stationery, and business cards. You will have access to our law library, use of our fully equipped and well-appointed boardrooms, access to typing facilities, litigation support and research assistance. You will receive all the resources necessary to ensure that you are able to provide an efficient and professional service to your clients, irrespective of where you choose to practice.

You could be an attorney with a large firm looking to take charge of your own life, or a sole practitioner tired of the monotony and the cost of single-handedly managing your own practice at the expense of fee-generating activities, or you may simply be an attorney looking for more flexibility. Attorneys West & Rossouw Inc offers you the opportunity to make the change. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail ( to set up an appointment to find out more.